Welcome to Working Futures 

At Working Futures, we are the first and only Dedicated HR Knowledge Broker specializing in reducing the time and cost of HR decision makers solving their key strategic challenges. With over 10 years' experience, we have dedicated ourselves to developing and nurtured a world-class client base of Enterprise HR Directors, CPOs, CHROs, and Directors of Talent and Learning and Development. Our mission is to help you maximize.


Our Approach

Through our unique relational model, we create networking and learning experiences that empower Senior HR Professionals to save time and money in identifying the right solutions for their most pertinent strategic challenges. We connect them with "best of breed" providers of products, services, and solutions, ensuring they have access to the expertise and thought leadership necessary to succeed.


🔑 Unlocking productive networking: Enhance your HR leadership experience with us! At Working Futures, we are dedicated to transforming the way HR directors communicate, learn and succeed. We understand that your time is extremely valuable, which is why we have developed a unique style of events that sets us apart. 

🚀 Limited assembly, impact amplification: Unlike other conferences where delegates are bombarded with excessive attendance, we believe in quality over quantity. Our goal is to have a maximum of 2 sessions for each delegate, to allow for deep engagement and meaningful discussion.

🔍 Focused on relevance: Our attendees were exceptional senior directors with extensive HR departments at their fingertips. We recognize that your challenges are unique and your time is valuable. We carefully tailor your meeting agendas to include only discussions that directly align with your goals and needs. No more kicking shoes at unnecessary events!

What We Offer


  • Bespoke Events: Our bespoke events, such as Hackathons, Lunch and Learns, and World Cafes, provide a platform for meaningful engagement, knowledge sharing, and networking. These exclusive events bring together like-minded individuals and industry experts in a closed-door environment, fostering productive discussions and collaborations.


  • Thought Leadership: We curate the industry's most pertinent themes and topics for our meetings and events. Prominent thought leaders and industry voices, including influential thinkers like Perry Timms and John Amaechi OBE, share their expertise and insights through keynote addresses and thought-provoking sessions.


  • Supplier Partnerships: We collaborate with "best of breed" suppliers in their respective fields, ensuring a curated selection of providers for our attendees. With a focus on exclusivity and quality, we cap the number of suppliers to guarantee prominence and maximize the buyer-to-seller ratio, resulting in tangible and transparent ROI for all involved.


  • Face-to-Face Interactions: In an increasingly digital world, we believe in the power of face-to-face interactions. Our events are designed for in-person engagement, offering a superior networking and learning experience compared to virtual alternatives. We understand the value of personal connections and provide a platform for meaningful interactions that transcend the limitations of online interactions.

Why Choose

Today's dynamic business landscape demands collaboration, productivity, and adaptability. As HR Professionals navigate through major transformations driven by digital disruption, geopolitical challenges, and evolving legislation, access to thought leadership and expertise becomes paramount. Working Futures fills this need by providing exclusive opportunities for Senior Decision Makers to network, learn, and debate pressing challenges and future solutions.