Our journey began a decade ago with a pivotal realization that the HR space lacked a crucial element for success-treating clients as relationships, not transactions.

This philosophy led us to become the critical friend to HR leaders, setting us apart as the only Knowledge Broker in the HR, People & Culture arena.

Our purpose

To empower Human Resource Directors (HRDs) to unlock their full
potential and evolve into the absolute best versions of themselves. We do this through tailored support, mentorship, and resources, enabling HRDs to excel in their roles, foster growth within their organizations, and contribute to the betterment of the HR profession as a whole.

As a knowledge broker, we’ve witnessed an incredible transformation in the world of work over the past decade, especially since the pandemic. The acceleration of challenges, including hybrid work, ESG, generative AI, the war for talent, and the urgent need for upskilling and reskilling, has reshaped businesses into more human-centric places. These changes are not just staggering; they are thrilling opportunities for us to further enhance our role as your trusted advisor.

Our mission

To attain the deepest insights and expertise in the HR market, positioning us as the premier resource for HR professionals. We are dedicated to equipping HRDs and their teams with the knowledge, strategies, and foresight needed to navigate challenges and proactively shape the future of work.

Looking ahead, our vision is to be at the vanguard of innovation, driving the HR profession forward and upward. While we pioneer new solutions, we remain rooted in personal relationships with our HRD clients, cherishing enduring bonds as we lead the way in shaping the evolving HR landscape

We are problem solvers

We act as your trusted broker, agnostic and best in class, connecting
the right companies at the right time to solve your biggest challenges faster than you can alone.

Our bespoke solutions accelerate Best of Breed approaches, helping you get ahead and stay ahead of the Future of Work. We provide a pragmatic approach to getting things done, offering programs with the latest thinkers, challengers, and thought leaders. Your time is precious, so we ensure networking happens at the right level with CHROs and their top teams.

With a purpose-led focus to improve the Future of Work, we create a roadmap, vision, mission, and purpose to solve your problems. We’re not just here to provide insights; we are your critical friend, your trusted partner for the Future of Work

Our commitment

To genuinely transform the Future of Work, re-energizing the HR
function with a boutique, personal service focused on problem-solving and matching your needs.

As we co-create solutions, we elevate the HR profession, making you look good and solving your biggest challenges with pragmatic, evidence-based practices.

Why choose Working Futures?

Our organisation has dedicated itself over the past 10 years, specifically, to working with CHRO’s, CPO’s and HRD’s of large multinational businesses with complex problems, such as:


  • Raj Verma – Chief Diversity, Culture & Ex-Officer, Sanofi
  • Osman Unal – CHRO, Yildrim Group
  • Robert Hufgard – Group Vice President of Human Resources,
    Wabtec Corporation

Join us at Working Futures, where theory meets practice, and we balance the human-centric experience with the digital world. We are the bridge between automation and the human experience, ensuring that your journey into the Future of Work is not just insightful but transformative.

Elevate your profession, solve your problems, and let’s build the Future of Work together.