About us



IN A CHANGING global landscape, it is now more than ever vital that we remain perceptive, relevant and responsive. Whether that’s due to speed of change, changing consumer & customer expectations, digital disruption or geo-political challenges – we foresee an ever-growing requirement for organisations, leaders, & teams to adapt & evolve in order to stay relevant. This applies to our business as much as it does to the clients that we support.  We must be resolute and driven while remaining versatile. At Working Futures, we continue our constant journey to create better experiences by remaining true to our mission core values and passion points.

PASSION FOR CONNECTING - Every moment we spend with clients is treated as an opportunity to reduce the time, cost and stress of finding the right solutions to their challenges. We provide unrivalled insight and access to the very best knowledge and talent in the HR space and market. Allowing us to seamlessly and efficiently make connections to the right people at the right time.

LOVE FOR PEOPLE PRACTICES – We have a passion for people and people practices. We have devoted ourselves to and take great pride in understanding the HR landscape both at a Macro and Micro level. We also believe that the only way to really deliver value to our customers, is to build real relationships with them, in order to fully understand their respective issues, challenges and needs. We work with the very top performers in HR and from the most prestigious organisations.

INSIST ON RAISING THE BAR – Dedication to delivering the best connections, which allow the sparks for magic to occur, is what we are constantly striving for, while remaining focused on their need to reshape and transform for their future success. These are all ingredients that allow us to continue to deliver ground-breaking services to our clients as we provide both proven and innovative methods for them to connect, grow and fundamentally do business together (or with one another).

THRIVE ON PROBLEM SOLVING, PERFORMANCE AND INNOVATION - Timing is of the essence and with a scent for opportunity we manage to seize it, often forming alliances with major global HR players who allow us to dramatically grow our portfolio and levitate our strengths as well as our partners to create what will be trending tomorrow.

ENTER ONLY AS MARKET DIFFERENTIATOR - As we aim to place new ways of working on the map or complement existing ones, we override competition with original, signature concepts that redefine the standard of business connections, at the highest level, time and time again.

GIVE STYLE AND SUBSTANCE TO EVERYTHING WE DO- By growing our team with insiders and ambassadors of HR, who share our values, we maintain our own culture of sincere and purposeful experiences as we strive to keep the quality of our engagement sustainable for our clients to benefit from the most premium experience for years to come.